Please follow these few rules:

  • Bus times are approximate. In the morning, your child should be at the bus stop ready to board the bus 10 minutes before the time indicated; 10-15 minutes during the first 2 weeks of the school year
  • Students should be visible to the bus driver – not waiting in cars, in the house, on side streets, etc. -  so the driver knows to stop
  • The District uses UNIVERSAL bus stops that best serve the District as a whole; bus stops will not be added unless a safety issue is involved
  • Only call for changes if you are the parent of both a Highview student and a Miller student and you do not receive the same stop for both children
  • Our buses travel throughout the District; it is possible for students to be on the bus as much as 45 minutes to an hour, particularly those students traveling outside of the District
  • Parents/Guardians of kindergarten students must be at their assigned stop in the AM and PM; the students will be brought back to their school building if they are not met at the stop
  • Parents are responsible for their children before the students get on the bus and after they get off the bus
  • Riding the bus is a privilege; we ask all parents/guardians to discuss with their child how to behave properly on the bus. The expectations for student behavior in the schools apply on the bus as well

Do you live in Avalon Gardens?
You should know there are 8 stops along the drive in the following order:

  • Building 64
  • Mailboxes just beyond Bldg 64
  • Sign for Bldg 45-54
  • Second sign for Bldg 45-54
  • Building 60
  • Third sign for Bldg 45-54
  • Sign for Bldg 14-27
  • Mailboxes just beyond the sign for Bldg 14-27

TRANSPORTATION FOR PRIVATE SCHOOLS - Deadline is April 1, 2024 for the 2024-25 School Year

The private transportation application must be received at the District Office by April 1, 2024, addressed to: Melissa Merritt, Nanuet Public Schools, 101 Church Street, Nanuet, NY 10954.  We cannot guarantee transportation if forms are not filed by the deadline.  Residents who move into the District after the April 1st deadline have 30 days to submit this form. The student/students must be registered with the Nanuet School District to receive these services.  Non-public schools must be within 15 miles of the student’s home as measured along the most direct route.

2024-25 Letter with Instructions to Request Transportation for Private or Parochial School



The Nanuet School District is committed to the safety and well being of your child.
Please call 845-627-9819 if you have any questions or concerns.