Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Students in Grades 3-8 will be taking the 2020 NYS English Language Arts Tests on Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday, March 26th and the NYS Mathematics Tests on Wednesday, April 22nd and Thursday, April 23rd.  The purpose of this letter is to promote the importance and benefits of the NYS 3-8 ELA and Math testing program, inform you about improvements that have been made, and encourage the participation of all students.  

In Nanuet, standardized assessment results are used as only one of many measures to identify ranges of interest and strengths, or to detect areas of future growth. State test results alone will never be used as a “gatekeeper” for rigorous courses or tracks in our program of studies in Nanuet. We strive to develop a wide array of student indicators so we can custom design programs, as well as offer evidence-based feedback to students and families.

We understand that past assessments were riddled with negative characteristics, BUT we are happy to report that our New York State Education Department listened to us and made proper adjustments.

Extremely important improvements:

  • The tests are untimed so that students who need more time to demonstrate what they know and can do are able to work at their own pace.
  • The number of testing days for ELA and Math tests was reduced from three to two.
  • The tests have no official evaluation consequence for educators.
  • The 2020 Score Reports for Parents will feature an updated, clear design with more information about what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.
  • Nanuet teachers have been involved in the exam writing process to ensure that passages, items and tests are fair and appropriate.

Benefits of your child’s participation in the 3-8 ELA and Math testing program:

  • A student’s performance on 3-8 assessments provides a valuable opportunity to see how well he/she is mastering learning expectations as they move from grade to grade.
  • Parents can see how well their children perform compared to other students around the State.
  • Students gain valuable test-taking experiences leading up to the higher-stakes Regents and Advanced Placement tests.
  • Teachers are able to use the assessment data as an additional measure to help inform decisions about meeting children’s academic needs.

The best test preparation that parents can provide is to help each child feel positive and confident about what they have learned thus far, motivated to try his/her very best, and be well rested during both days of testing. Our new social-emotional curriculum will help students address test anxieties so they are better prepared for future college and career assessments, and evaluations later in life.

Please feel free to speak with your child’s teacher about any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your assistance.

With gratitude,


Kevin R. McCahill, Ed.D.



At the January 7, 2020 Board of Education Meeting, Dr. McCahill shared an exciting letter from Susan Farese, President of the Nanuet Chamber of Commerce, about the District receiving one of the Chamber’s “Partners in Progress” Awards: 

Dear Dr. McCahill and Dr. Fox, 

I want to thank you and your team again for the help and creativity involving the newly formed Jr Nanuet Chamber of Commerce.  All I can say is, "WOW".  I move quickly and they move quicker!  They have exceeded my expectations.

I am so proud of these young members of our community!  They are working hard to make Nanuet what they want it to be and to become.  Together, we have embarked on an amazing journey for our Nanuet!   

None of this could have been done without the help, guidance and support of the Nanuet School District.  The Nanuet School District has been instrumental to such good progress.  We are so proud and appreciative that you have partnered with us, not only with the High School students but the younger students through the Art Shows and Halloween Happenings, not to mention the use of the school facilities for events and meeting and now the newly formed Jr. Nanuet Chamber.

Each year, The Nanuet Chamber presents our "Partners in Progress Award" to a Business/Non-profit/Community Representative.   As President of the The Greater Nanuet Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to announce that the Nanuet Union Free School district is one of our two recipients this year!  Congratulations!   When we were reviewing our nominees, it was a hands down, unanimous decision to award this to you!

We will be holding a dinner to honor our recipients at the end of January. (tentatively Monday, January 27th, but that is not fully confirmed)  The dinner will be taking place at Banchetto Feast.  We will be sending our formal announcement to invite the Nanuet School's Administrators from each building as well as the rest of the School Board and of course our community.  

Again, thank you for all you do for us.   We look forward to honoring you and having the community join us to do the same.

Thank you again,

Susan Farese, President

Nanuet Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations and bravo to everyone in the District on this wonderful recognition!  

Go Golden Knights!