District Clerk

2022-23 Budget Vote and Election:                  Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - Nanuet High School Main Gym - 7 am to 9 pm

To qualify as a voter, you must be:

  • A citizen of the United States;
  • At least 18 years old; and
  • A resident of the school district for at least 30 days prior to the day of the vote; and
  • Not otherwise prohibited from voting under the provisions of section 5-106 of the Election Law (e.g. a person who has been adjudged to be mentally incompetent).

In order to vote in the Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election, voters must be registered with the Rockland County Board of Elections or the Nanuet School District. 

It is suggested that residents register to vote online at the DMV Voter Registration Site. Visit https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application. For a mail-in registration form or for more information, visit https://rocklandgov.com/departments/board-of-elections/register-to-vote/.  

If you would like to check your registration status, visit https://voterlookup.elections.ny.gov/ . Please note the polling place for our School District Election only is Nanuet High School gym.

Please call Alexis Lupo at 845-627-9202 and leave a message with any questions. 


*For 2022 Only: You may request an absentee ballot if you are concerned about contracting COVID.

 A qualified voter of the District may request in good faith an absentee ballot due to one of the following only: 

  1. Absence from county on election day; or
  2. Temporary illness or physical disability (Includes COVID-19 concerns for 2022)
  3. Permanent illness or physical disability
  4. Duties related to primary care of one or more individuals who are ill or physically disabled; or
  5. Resident or patient of Veterans Health Administration Hospital; or
  6. Detention in jail/prison, awaiting trial, awaiting action by a grand jury, or in prison for conviction of a crime or offense which was not a felony

Link to Absentee Ballot Application:  Absentee-ballot-application-and-instructions

Absentee ballot applications with original signatures must be received via regular mail or in person by the District Clerk no earlier than April 18, 2022 (30 days before the election). If the applicant requests the absentee ballot to be mailed, the application must be received by the District Clerk no later than May 10, 2022 (7 days before the election).

Absentee ballots will be mailed by First Class mail only. If the applicant or his/her designated agent (with proper ID) delivers the application to the District Clerk in person, the application must be received no later than May 16, 2022 (day before election).

Completed absentee ballots must be received by regular mail or in person by the office of the District Clerk by 5:00 pm on the day of the election (May 17, 2022).

Please call the District Clerk at 845-627-9202 for in-person pickup/deliveries and for any questions. Military Voters: please see information below; do not use above application.

MILITARY BALLOTS (Deadline passed on April 21, 2022)

Pursuant to N.Y. Education Law §2018-D, school districts must make military ballots available for elections. Military ballots allow a member of the uniformed services or a qualified family member to vote in the election while absent due to military service.

Under the law, there are special accommodations for military voters. Please see the following link for more information or call the District Clerk at 845-627-9202:


Military registration forms and military ballot applications must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5:00 pm on April 21, 2022.

Completed military ballots must be received by mail in the office of the District Clerk by 5:00 pm on the day of the election.

Please call the District Clerk at 845-627-9202 for any questions.

Board of Education Seat (Deadline passed on April 18, 2022)

If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board of Education, nominating petitions are available from the District Clerk, Alexis Lupo, located in the Administrative Offices. There will be two (2) seats up for election; both seats are three-year terms commencing July 1, 2022 and expiring on June 30, 2025. The petitions must be returned to the District Clerk no later than Monday, April 18, 2022 by 5:00 pm. 

To be eligible, a candidate must be a qualified voter in the District (U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age and not a convicted felon or adjudged an incompetent). An applicant must be able to read and write, must be and have been a resident of the District for at least one year prior to the election. At the time when the Board Member takes office, they cannot be employed by the District or live in the same household with a family member who is also a member of the Nanuet Board of Education.

Any questions should be directed to Alexis Lupo, District Clerk, at 845-627-9202.