K -12 Committees Members and Meetings

English K -12 Committee Members

English K-12 Committee Agendas *Staff Only*

Math K -12 Committee Members

Math K-12 Committee Agendas *Staff Only*

Science K -12 Committee Members

Science K-12 Committee Agendas *Staff Only*

Social Studies K -12 Committee Members

Social Studies K-12 Committee Agendas *Staff Only*

Mental Health K-12 Committee Members

Mental Health K-12 Committee Agendas *Staff Only*

ELA Literacy Task Force Members

ELA Literacy Task Force Members Agendas *Staff Only*

Math Task Force Members

Math Task Force Agendas *Staff Only*

Curriculum Maps

The Nanuet School District is proud to release our updated and revised Curriculum Maps.  Curriculum Maps are a tool to follow along and support your child’s learning.  The maps lay out the approximate timeline of when and how content is taught.  The maps also supply supplemental resources to support learning.  Our teachers are committed to the development and instruction of rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares our students for graduation and beyond.   

The curriculum and their maps are a living document that is revisited through a cycle of analysis that reflects on student learning and standards.  Our curriculum writing is always guided by our Mission giving students experiences that are both challenging and engaging to develop each student so they are “prepared and inspired to apply their learning”.  

Please visit this link to Browse our Curriculum Maps.


Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Mapping for Teachers

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Miller Digital Citizenship Curriculum


Highview Digital Citizenship Curriculum


A. MacArthur Barr 5-6 Academy for Excellence Digital Citizenship Curriculum