High School Renovation Project Details

Project Details:


Planning for the project began in March of 2016 with focus groups with students and staff regarding what they wanted and needed in a media center.  Following those meetings our architects provided preliminary plans to the Board.


In the 2016-17 and 2017-18 budgets, capital spending for the project in the amount of 5.7 million dollars was authorized.


In order to minimize disruption to students, the project was divided into two phases.  The first phase was completed on schedule last summer.  That phase consisted of asbestos remediation in the cafeteria, together with the installation of new flooring. 

 Design and Submission to the State:

Our architects, KSQ Design, submitted plans for the second phase to New York State for approval in October of 2017.  Approval by the State occurred on April 24, 2018.


Pursuant to New York State Law, bids for the project were received.  The Board awarded the contracts on June 19, 2018.  The General Contractor is ML, Inc.


Work ensued on the project beginning June 25, 2018.

Scope of the Project:

The scope of the project is extensive.  The entrance to the High School will now expand and allow an area for student interaction, similar to modern universities.

 The cafeteria will have new walls and kitchen improvements.

 The school store has been reconstructed and improved substantially.

 The media center has been demolished and completely redesigned.  The media center will now support our District Mission for learning.

Safety of Students and Staff:

The safety of students and employees is paramount.  To that end, we have done the following:

  1. All asbestos work has been completed.  It was purposefully done during the summer so that students would not be in the building.  While asbestos work can and is done with students in the building in other schools, Nanuet decided to err on the side of caution and performed all remediation during the summer.
  2. Demolition work was done during the summer so that students would not be exposed to dust and other particles caused by demolition.
  3. All work has been done under the auspices of licensed architects and engineers and the project has been approved by the NYS Education Department.
  4. The remaining work is primarily limited to the media center and the installation of HVAC equipment.
  5. Walls will be erected around the remaining work to prevent students from entering work zones.
  6. Workers will be vetted through our visitor security database.

Construction Impact on students and employees:

  1. The large media center will be closed for the first semester.  It is scheduled to open in January.  In the interim, the media center will temporarily be located in a former classroom near the cafeteria.  Chromebooks and other resources will be available to students in this space.
  2. The cafeteria will be open beginning on the first day of school.  However, for the month of September, students will have two ways of accessing the cafeteria.  The students can access the cafeteria from the entrance across from the main gym.  Alternatively, students will be able to enter the cafeteria from the exit doors across from the Main Office, which will be accessed through a covered walkway.  A security guard will be stationed in this area to secure the entrance. 
  3. The school store will have its grand reopening at the beginning of October.  As part of the renovation, the school store has been completely redesigned.
  4. The faculty lounge/work area will open with the start of school.  However, the full area will not be completely functional until later in the semester.
  5. There will be walls in some of the corridors near the media center for the protection of students and staff.  This will result in some inconvenience and the necessity to take alternative routes to certain locations in the building.
  6. Board meetings will be held in the auditorium or the cafeteria.  Please check the website for the location of specific meetings.
  7. While the noisy work will be done before school and on weekends, there will be workers in the building during school.  All of the workers will be vetted through the District’s visitor security system.  Most of the access for workers will be through the back of the media center.