Building Happenings

Superintendent's Report – March 3, 2020 BOE Meeting and District Happenings Directly Related to Our Goals!

-Dr. McCahill shared some measures our District team is taking related to the Coronavirus:

  • The Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents is exchanging information daily (sometimes hourly) regarding next steps.
  • Chief Operating Officer of Rockland BOCES, Dr. Mary Jean Marsico, has met with all of our county superintendents to consult and align best practices as they relate to communication, action planning, and prevention recommendations.
  • A K-12 Alert email went out today with the latest information, and resources incl. a parent guide from BOCES and a YouTube video with helpful information.
  • These and other resources were added to my section of the website. Any and all new information will be disseminated immediately as we navigate this issue going forward.
  • Our Nurse Coordinator, Maura Hanigan, R.N. has been in touch with The Rockland County Health Department and with state health officials to keep a pulse on updated information.
  • Cleaning has already been elevated for typical flu season level and will continue.
  • We provide hand sanitizer in all schools.
  • Parents can send their children in with their own sanitizers.
  • Our Nurse Coordinator Maura Hanigan has asked our nurses to work with their principals to provide age-appropriate push-in lessons on how to wash hands and other general hygiene practices.
  • We have an updated Pandemic Illness Plan in place; it has been updated with the help from Rockland BOCES.
  • If distance learning is needed we have Google classroom, two providers offered from Rockland BOCES, I-Tutor, digital curriculum, and we can release our curriculum maps live. The majority of our families have smart-phones but we could provide paper options if necessary.

-Dr. McCahill said that the Principals and Mrs. Mercado, Director of the Family Resource Center, all shared wonderful information about the building happenings over the last few weeks which will be posted to the District website.

Building Happenings: 

From RoseAnn Mercado, Family Resource Center Director:

  • The Pre-K classes are preparing for our family “Art & Activity Night” on Wednesday, April 8th @ 6:30 pm. The theme is “community helpers.” All School Board Members are welcome to attend!
  • The FRC is hosting a 6-week parenting program called “Patient Parenting”; last night we had 16 parents.
  • Starting March 12th the FRC will provide a Playgroup for families that have a child in our Parent Child+ program. This program will include mom, Dad and siblings. There will be 8 sessions and the program is supported by the United Way of Rockland County.
  • The FRC has partnered with BounceU in Nanuet so the children that are in the before and after school programs and Miller and Highview have a place to go on the three half days in March.

From Maryellen Griffin, Miller Principal:

  • Supervisor George Hoehmann came and read to Mrs. Amandola’s Grade 2 class to kick off our celebration of PARP – Parents as Reading Partners.  He generously donated the book to the class.
  • February 14th was the 100th day of school – Kindergarten students celebrated by doing 100 seconds of various activities: dancing, jumping jacks, push-ups (10 seconds!) and stillness; 1st graders made creative visuals with 100 items and 2nd graders calculated the myriad of ways to add to 100.  It was also Rockland Read-in with mystery readers and trying to read 100 books for the day.  Ms. Leahy and Ms. Griffin enjoyed reading to as many classes as possible. 
  • Also on the 14th, the 4th graders came down to partner with the kindergartners and spent some time reading together. 
  • 1st graders have been visiting with the Clarkstown Police Department as a community extension for their social studies unit. 
  • With support from our FRC, the after school HW club, in conjunction with students from TSTT, completed its first rotation.  Ms. Fizzinoglia worked together with the TSTT students to help students benefit maximally from this opportunity.  The next rotation begins in two weeks.

From Nancy Bonner, Highview Principal:

  • On February 13th, Supervisor George Hoehmann visited Highview to promote literacy as part of “PARP Day 2020”.  He read the book “Leave it to Abigail”, about First Lady Abigail Adams, to two of our 4th grade class (Mrs. Cooney and Mrs. Banks).  Our students were very excited and asked many questions about the work he does as Town Supervisor.  Through discussion of the book, he encouraged our students to embrace literacy and work hard.  We are grateful for his visit, the donation of the book and for the Proclamation he left with us to mark the occasion.
  • On February 14th, Highview Knights participated in the 36th Annual Rockland Read-In.  It was a day of reading for everyone, including Dr. McCahill as a guest reader in Mr. Nye’s class!  This was also a special day for our 4th graders as they visited our friends in kindergarten to share their favorite stories.  Our reading buddies enjoyed the opportunity to be reading role models. 

From Anne Chen, Academy 5-6 Principal:

  • GRADE 5 and GRADE 6 students participated in Spirit Week!
  • February 14th, Nanuet schools participated in the county-wide Rockland Read-In, where the goal is encouraging young people to read for fun. In an effort to build community ties and promote reading, members of the St. Thomas Aquinas College Sprint Football Team joined the 5th grade to support the Rockland Read-In.
  • 5th graders continued learning about being difference makers on Community Service Day.  February’s focus was on Rare Disease Day.  Students participated in building awareness of rare diseases and learned that currently there is no known cure for most rare diseases.  Conversations tied in to the power of “yet” and the need to be kind.  Children focused on accepting each other – embraced their differences and participated in meaningful discussions after reading the book, Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor.   On Friday, February 28th, students and teachers wore jeans for genes to honor Rare Disease Day #jeansforgenes
  • Grade 6 Technology with Mr. Perry – students worked on navigating Windows 10 and learned how to create and sort files all while learning the engineering process using Autodesk Inventor!  Using this program students are creating objects that will be in 3D!    Grade 5 Technology with Mr. Garrison – students worked on and completed digital 3D printed disk designs in Sketchup and exported them using Flashprint to the 3D printers.
  • In 6th Grade Band and Orchestra with Mr. Emanuel and Ms. Lucksom- students are getting ready for their spring concerts!  They are participating in composing and conducting exercises in which students have expressive control over the music they play individually and as part of a band or orchestra!
  • The RED Club prepared activities to engage each grade level in a presentation and related activities to learn about different cultures as follows:
    • Grade 5 learned about Native American culture and each student made their own dream catcher.
    • Grade 6 learned about African culture and made their own African necklace. 
    • Grade 7 learned about Latin American culture and made their own maraca.
    • Grade 8 learned about Chinese culture and made their own rattle drum.

            Thank you to FRC for assisting in obtaining the materials for all of the projects.

From Roger Guccione, Barr 7-8 Principal:

  • As part of our RULER initiative, Mr. Cotto and Mr. Henderson, members of our RULER team, presented the meta-moment to the entire 7th grade during our community service time on February 26th.  Students were introduced to “meta-man” which taught them to take a moment to make sure they present their best self. At the end of the presentation, teachers and students in 7th grade took a pledge that they would incorporate a meta-moment into their day when they were feeling stressed.

From Mike Mahoney, HS Principal:

  • The Nanuet Senior High School Spirit Week activities occurred last week.  Activities included:
    • Monday:  Pajama Day, Basketball (PM assembly), Hallway Decorating occurred from 3pm until 8pm.
    • Tuesday: Dress-Up Day, Academic Competition (AM assembly), Class Banner Presentation.
    • Wednesday: America Day, Super Smash Bros (AM assembly).
    • Thursday: Black and Gold Day Volleyball (PM assembly).
    • Friday: Class Color/Shirt Day. 
    • A $601.64 donation will be made to The Soup Angels from the coin collection.  Our non-perishable food item collection totaling 1,925 items will all be donated to People to People.  The senior class were 1st place overall this year. 
    • A special thank you to Mrs. Panker our Student Senate Advisor, the class advisors Mrs.  Hurdis, Ms. Tidd, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Gesty, Mrs. Dube, Ms. Friedman, Mrs. Wolfe and the student government leaders for their hard work in making this week a success.  Additionally, we would like to thank the buildings and grounds staff for all they do for our school. 


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